2019 Event Sponsors

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2018 Raffle Donors

Piscine Energetics

Reed Mariculture

Group 1: CCS Starter Kit: On top of the new items we’ve added, this kit will also include 1 million L-Type rotifers, Brachionus plicatilis, and 1 – 16oz. bottle of RGcomplete that we will mail to the winner. The winner has the option of specifying the date of delivery. Value = $105.00

Group 2: TDO Hobbyist Breeder Pack: 
1oz. package of A + 3oz packages of SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, B1, B2 and C1 size pellets. Value = $55.50

Group 3:  Copepod Pack:
3 bottles of Tigger-Pods (Tigriopus californicus) and 3 bottles of Apex-Pods (Apocyclops panamensis) Value = $150

MACNA 2018 Full Conference Passes (2)

One Pair of Each!
Mandarins, Rainford’s Goby, and Link’s Goby

African Flameback Angel Pair!

(Shipped to winner)

AlgaGen Starter Cultures




San Francisco Bay Brand


Central Aquatics

Karen Talbot Art

Pair of Karen Talbot’s Angler’s pint glasses

Hydor USA

Spectrum Brands


$50 Gift Certificate

MarinePure Bio-Media
(2 Types)